How to Speed Up Your Recovery after Hip or Knee Replacement

Prof. Nikhil Pradhan
How to recover fast from Hip and Knee Replacement

Recovery after hip or knee replacement surgery and returning to normal activities is a gradual process. The recovery time varies from one patient to another and depends on many factors. Following the right recovery process is essential for the best results that include better mobility and lesser pain.

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Here are a few expert tips that you can follow to speed up the recovery process after knee and hip replacement surgery without compromising on safety.


Tips for Faster Recovery after Knee Surgery

Surgeon Recommendations

The first step to fast recovery is to follow the advice and instructions of your surgeon without compromise. Hip and knee replacement surgeons with rich experience know exactly what your body needs. Medications, physical exercises, rest and other recommendations should be followed.

Physical Therapy Sessions

Physical therapy sessions are recommended by the surgeon after taking many things into consideration. It includes your age, fitness, medical history and activity. However, many patients avoid therapy sessions because of different factors such as fear of indulging in activity and pain. Others are often reluctant as it takes additional time. But physical therapy sessions are integral to the recovery process. It helps in reducing pain and swelling, gaining strength and boosting the range of motion.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is essential for faster healing and recovery. After your knee or hip replacement surgery, it is better to avoid food with no nutritional elements. In addition, do not take a diet that causes weight gain as it will put unwanted pressure on the joints. Eat healthy food such as vegetables, fruits, lean meats etc. Always consult your doctor to gain more knowledge about the diet.

Sleep and Rest

Sleep has many benefits while recovering from joint replacement surgery. Restoration, healing and strength occur in the body when you sleep. This is the reason why medical experts often advise sufficient sleep and rest after surgery. This may be difficult for some people but it is important to avoid complications and to boost the recovery process.


The post-operative plan does include exercises. Regular exercise routine as recommended by your doctor will directly contribute to strengthening the knee and hip joints. Additionally, other benefits include stability and flexibility. Generally, Physiotherapist advise a few minutes of exercise two to three times a day.

It can naturally lead to two important questions. They are addressed below.

What is the best exercise after knee replacement?

You can do quadriceps tightening and knee straightening exercises. Leg raises, ankle pumps and knee bends are helpful too. But it is always best to consult your doctor. This is important because exercise advice will be different for different patients.

What exercises to avoid after knee replacement?

You should avoid running, jogging and high-impact sports.


Recovery tips for hip replacement surgery are similar to what is already discussed in the last section. However, there are some additional recommendations you must follow to enjoy a normal life after hip replacement.

Hip Replacement Recovery Exercises

The following exercises can help in faster recovery:

Ankle pumps
Knee bends on the bed
Abduction exercise
Quadriceps set
Straight leg raises
Standing knee raises

Please note that you should always follow the advice of your doctor before engaging in exercise.

Lifetime Precautions after Hip Replacement

The lifetime of a hip implant will depend on the implant type used in the surgery. Few of the lifetime precautions after hip replacement are listed below:

  • Avoid high-impact activities
  • Avoid excessive bending
  • Do not sit cross-legged

These precautions will especially help elderly patients.

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